Where to stay in Zadar

Where to stay in Zadar, when visiting this coastal town in Croatia? In Zadar, you can find a variety of accommodations including hotels, hostels, and luxury establishments. However, it may require some effort to locate the best options. As one of the most attractive sun destinations along the Croatian coast, Zadar provides numerous excellent lodging choices. In this blog, we assist you in making a decision regarding where to stay in Zadar and offer recommendations for hotels.

How to get to Zadar in Croatia

Zadar is located on the Dalmatian coast, in the middle of Croatia’s long coastline. The renowned town of Split is just a 1 hour 45-minute drive further south. It serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the rest of the Dalmatian coast and visiting various attractions in Croatia.

Zadar has its own international airport. There are direct flights to Zadar from various European airports, making it an excellent base or starting point for a vacation in Croatia.

Zadar Croatia

Is Zadar worth visiting?

Yes, it is! Despite being one of the less frequented towns on the Dalmatian coast, Zadar is certainly worth visiting. This charming coastal city boasts a stunning old center, abundant attractions, and numerous delightful dining establishments and outdoor seating areas.

Zadar’s old town, situated on a peninsula on the Croatian coast, offers a stunning and unique experience. Surrounded by the sea on three sides and a green park on the east, the historic city center is enclosed by ancient ramparts. Within this compact boundary, visitors can explore a charming city filled with attractions, dining options, shopping streets, lanes, and squares.

In the old center, you will find the iconic Church of Saint Donatus, a unique round building that offers interior access. Adjacent to it are two other significant sights of Zadar: the Zadar Cathedral with its bell tower and the ancient Roman Forum.

Other must-see attractions include the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun, situated on the boulevard and featuring unique contemporary artwork. The Sea Organ, in particular, has become an iconic symbol of the city. This extraordinary musical creation produces a delightful sound with every wave, resulting in a harmonious melody composed by the sea. It is highly recommended to visit the Sea Organ at sunset, when numerous visitors congregate to appreciate the enchanting music and the stunning view of the setting sun.

City walls Zadar

Where to stay in Zadar

For the best experience, we recommend booking a hotel located in or near Zadar’s old city center. The historic city center can be found on a compact peninsula along the coast. We recommend to find accommodation on this peninsula, specifically at the harbor on its northern edge or in close proximity.

Additionally, there are excellent options available directly on the beach just north of Zadar. Here, you can indulge in the luxury and tranquility provided by the sea, outdoor swimming pools, and sun.

Where to stay in the old town

#1 Teatro Verdi Boutique Hotel is a contemporary hotel with many raving reviews, located in the historic district.

#2 Boutique Hostel Forum is an affordable choice in the city center on a pedestrian street, stylish private rooms and dormitory rooms are available.

#3 Art Hotel Kalelarga is a stunning luxury hotel in the historic district featuring an interior adorned with abundant natural stone and elegant beige hues.

Where to stay just outside Zadar

#4 Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana is a stunning resort near Zadar, situated right by the sea. This exquisite establishment offers an outdoor and indoor pool, a lush garden, and a rejuvenating spa.

#5 Hotel Spa Iadera is perfectly located by the sea. This charming upscale resort boasts a spacious garden with four swimming pools and a dedicated wellness area.