Where to stay in Saint Petersburg

Are you going on a trip to the city with the canals and bridges, pastel-coloured palaces and cathedrals with onion shaped domes? And are you looking for the best place to sleep? Location is the key word. Though the Saint Petersburg metro is great, most of the highlights are within walking distance of each other. So make sure you have a hotel or hostel in the heart of the city center, so around the Novsky Prospect avenue. We give you tips for the best hotels and hostels in Saint Petersburg!

  • Friends by the House of Books | Booking
    At 100 meters from the Nevsky Prospect the location of this hotel/hostel is definitely on point. There are double, but also family rooms. All of them are very colourful and tastefully decorated. I am the kind of person who can be convinced to book a hotel because if otf its amazing design. Take a look at the the photos at and you’ll see what I mean!
  • Hotel Wow | Booking
    The comfort of this sleek and stylish hotel is great. It has the atmosphere of a boutique hotel, but for a good price. At Wow you will find affordable luxury on the Nevsky Prospect itself.
  • Antique Hotel Rachmaninov | Booking
    Such a typical Russian hotel name can already put a smile on my face. But the hotel itself is fantastic as well. The ‘antique’ refers to the design of the interior. It has an amazing classical and antique design, so just as romantic as the city of the Romanovs itself!
  • Baby Lemonade | Booking
    This hostel is completely furnished in 60s style. How about neon colours, cheerful wallpaper and flower power vibe? The design hostel not only has dormitories, but double rooms for more privacy as well.
  • Chickadee Hostel | Booking
    This hostel may be a bit outside of the historic center – check our map above for the exact location – but it’s so stylish. The price is just as good. And that includes Russian breakfast as well.
  • Fontanka River View Hostel | Booking
    One of the best priced hotels and hostels in Saint Petersburg. There are dormitories, but basic double rooms as well. And the name already hints to that amazing channel view, a big plus!
  • InBox Capsule Hotel | Booking
    Have you ever slept in a capsule? That is such an experience! And it’s available in St Petersburg in the historic center at this hostel.
  • Demetra Art Hotel | Booking
    Saint Petersburg has a history of jewelry, balls, art and palaces. And you might want to look for that in your hotel as well. If you have a bit more budget, the Demetra Art Hotel will be a perfect choice. This city palace will feel like coming home for art lovers. Every floor in this city palace has its own unique design – from baroque to art nouveau. Look at the photos on and fall in love!