Travel Guide Myanmar

Travel Guide Myanmar

Travel Guide Myanmar

Magical Myanmar

Myanmar is often described as a must-visit destination before it's too late. Before it is overrun with tourists, it means. The country has only been open to travelers for a relatively short time and since then tourists have been able to find more and more beautiful nature, impressive temples and special culture. Yet this is still a country where you can visit impressive places without crowds of tourists. We will help you to create the perfect itinerary along the great highlights, part of the countryside and one of the off the beaten track destinations. Read all our blogs to prepare yourself perfectly for a great trip!

  • Capital: Naypyidaw
  • Population: 55 million
  • Timezone: UTC+6:30
  • Currency: Kyat, but Dollars for travelers
  • Airport: Mandalay and Yangon
  • High season: December to February
  • Visa: arrange well in advance
  • Vaccinations: DTP, Hepatitus A and malaria projection recommended (always check your local travel clinic)
  • Travel guide: Lonely Planet Myanmar
  • Preparation: Check which borders are open and which permits are needed for travelers

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