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Book tips for the reading traveler

Are you a bookworm as well and is your holiday the time of year for you to finally get started with that pile of books? Then these tips are especially for you as a reading traveller!

# 1 Read a book that takes place at your destination

It is amazing to completely get lost in the world of your book while reading. That’s also why I think it’s a shame to read about a completely different environment on a trip. A book about a dark, cold winter on my journey through South America? Not my choice. That’s why I love to read a book that takes place at my holiday destination. This way you stay in your travel vibe while reading! Also, you often learn a bit more about the culture and history of the country.

# 2 Read digitally

I still remember how the trunk and caravan were crammed with books when I went on holiday with my parents. How different is that from my backpack now I fly more often. My backpack simply does not allow such a pile of books. To me the e-reader is the best invention for the reading traveller. I don’t have to carry physical books around with me, but I still have all my books with me when I travel. Don’t you have enough budget for an e-reader, but do you always bring your tablet or laptop with you? It probably has a reading program (and otherwise it can be downloaded for free).

# 3 Exchange books with other travellers

Sometimes you just want to read a physical book. Then take one with you and exchange it with another traveller after reading! Many hostels or smaller hotels even have bookshelves exactly for this purpose. There is a good chance that you will also read a book that you would not normally buy yourself. And then it turns out to be great!

# 4 Or buy books on the road in a different language

You can also give away your book after reading and score something new yourself at a local bookstore. That will usually not be in your own language (Dutch for me), but I read English-language books easily as well. Or if you are trying to learn the local language: buy a book in that language.

# 5 Read a book by a well-known author of the country or region

I already gave the tip to read a book that takes place at your holiday destination. But it is also very a good idea to read a book by a famous author from the country. Our trip to Colombia was a reason for me to finally start reading the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez – a birthday gift years before. The author is such a national hero in Colombia that you will come across references to him and his books – certainly this classic one – in many places. Those references get a little more meaning if you have read something from the author.

# 6 Travel to places from your novel

As a reading traveller, you can make your trip even more fun by visiting the places in your book. If you are reading a book that is set at your travel destination, then look for the spots in your novel. At some places this is such a popular thing to do that you can join special tours around these novels. So during a tour in Paris, you can see all the important places in The Da Vinci Code. Or maybe you’d like to discover the Barcelona of Carlos Ruiz Zafón with a guide. On my wishlist? A Harry Potter tour in London, where we go next month!

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