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Tips for your daily van life inspiration

One of our great travel dreams is to travel around the world with our own camper van. Camping and waking up with the most beautiful views! Instagram is the perfect place for our daily van life inspiration. We love to follow other travellers converting their van into their new home and take their #vanlife to the most beautiful places. Our favourites instagrammers for our daily inspiration? These ones!

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Instagram | Aussies Bec & Gary have already been travelling for twenty months with camper van. Warm colours, beautiful details and lots of wood make their camper a home. Their red house on wheels is so beautiful it makes you wanna pack your bags to move in one yourself!

We Who Roam | By Life Inspo | The Orange Backpack


Website| Instagram | The Swedish Sofia and Frederick are currently working on their van conversion in Australia. They are building their white dream house on wheels all by themselves! In their instagram stories you can follow all their work and progress.

Vagabondsofsweden | By Life Inspo | The Orange Backpack


Instagram | With a a bright yellow Volkswagenbus from the 80s, the Dutch Freek and Inge travelled through South America. They shipped their retro camper in a container to Colombia and brought it back home from Uruguay at the end of their trip. For nine months, the two camped in the most beautiful places and shared all that on Instagram. So now they are back again, but their Instagram feed still shows you their travel experiences.

Littlebigbusadventure | By Life Inspo | The Orange Backpack


Website | Instagram | If you think a #vanlife is only for young couples, you must follow this family. They work as digital nomad, live in a bright yellow camper van and give to anyone with a similar dream on their blog tips. Yes, a van life is also possible with kids!

Expeditionhappiness | By Life Inspo | The Orange Backpack

@bynomads. nl

Website | Instagram | Kay and Esther have just started the adventure of their lives: converting a camper van to create their own house on wheels. After seeing so much of the world, they are planning to travel around Europe with their new camper van. On their blog they share stories about the coolest road trips and their DIY experience. | Nicest Dutch Travel Blogs | The best Dutch Travel Blogs | The Orange Backpack


Vlog | Instagram | The Dutch Sietse and Herman have since July 2017 with their dog and camper from the world. On their Youtube channel, they vlog about their of van life experiences. We especially love the drone images!

Travelmanyroads | By Life Inspo | The Orange Backpack

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