Our favourite London food markets

What we like most about London? Perhaps its famous food markets! From vintage to flowers and from drinks at an industrial building to pizza in a classic market hall. These are our favourite food markets in London (and we added some cool bonuses on the map).

The My Maps map above summarizes all our tips. The menu on the menu has separate layers that mark the best coffee spots, sleeping places and highlights. Click on the star to save the map to your own Google Maps or open the map in a new window for a larger version. Enjoy!

Londen | The Orange Backpack
Londen | Food Markets | Borough Market | The Orange Backpack
Londen | Food Markets | Borough Market | The Orange Backpack

Vintage and flowers

What about the vintage market in Portobello or the flower market on Columbia Road in Shoreditch? Portobello refers to Portobello Road, a popular street in the Notting Hill district. You can look for antiques and vintage items on the market on Saturdays, but it could get a big busy then unfortunately. So maybe you would rather come there during the week to see the vintage shops around Portobello. I bought an old skool flower dress for 15 pounds that I’m in love with!

Columbia Road is a pleasant bustle on Sunday morning. While the rest of the city is still sleeping, locals come here to buy plants and flowers. Along the flower street are some small bakeries. The perfect spot to have breakfast with croissants. In a side street is The Lily Vanilli Bakery in a cute little courtyard. Go there for the coffee and sweet pastries. Not much further in Shoreditch you could have the perfect breakfast at Allpress.

Tip: more coffee tips around London? Get our free London city map with the best espresso bars here!

Borough Market en Camden Market

But the best known are the London food markets. We love how you can find dozens of stalls selling the tastiest food in the city all in one place! The best-known markets are probably the Borough Market and Camden Market. Borough Market is right in the city center on the South Bank across the London Bridge. This is Sebastiaan’s favourite. It is almost always very busy with people and good food. We love the vibe. Because of its location under the railway bridges it also has a somewhat raw and industrial touch.

Camden Market is in the north of London and is the perfect place to go on a summer’s day. The market is on the water, so after your drink or lunch, make a walk along the river to The Regent’s Park. On a summer weekend day it will be very busy here, so be aware of that.

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Off the beaten track: Fulham Market Hall and Mercato Metropolitano

Do you want to go to a less touristy food market and mingle with the locals? Then head to borough of Fulham in the west for the relatively new Fulhamm Market Hall. There’s a DJ in the evenings at the weekend. The pizzas and churros are highly recommended!

On the South Bank we love Mercato Metropolitano. Sustainability is one of the selling points of this cool market in an old industrial building. Or maybe it’s the vibe and the delicious food? All locals come here for drinks and some delicious food at the weekends. The vibe is casual and there are hardly any tourists around.