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Are you enthusiastic about our travel blog and are you interested in a collaboration? Great, we are always open to new possibilities to produce beautiful content together. Read on to learn more about our blog, previous collaborations and all possibilities.

"Collaborating with 'The Orange Backpack' was a great opportunity. They fully featured Ka'ana Resort at their maximum outreach! We would highly recommend their collaboration! Pictures and blog were excellent."
"Collaborating with Maartje and Sebastiaan was a great experience and I would welcome them again anytime. They are amazing people and guest, we loved talking to them and getting to know them. The photographs they took of our place really showcase our hostel. Accompanying the photos, they wrote an outstanding blogpost describing their experience and I know this will help more travelers come our way. We are so thankful for this partnership and feel lucky to have met them."
“Sebastiaan and Maartje are well-informed travelers, excellent photographers and have a genuine appreciation for places they visit. It was our pleasure to host them during their travel to Southern Belize, and we appreciate them taking the time to experience what Hickatee Cottages has to offer guests!”

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Our orange backpack likes to travel. He enjoys Asian cuisine, wants to go on a safari in Africa or goes on a city trip to Paris. Of course we go with all love and on this blog we share his travel stories with our readers. What characterizes those stories? Adventure, fun, road trips, comfort, sustainability, nature and discovery. Maartje loves romantic palaces and castles, Sebastiaan is fond of quality coffee and specialty beers and together we like to explore new places for the best foodie hotspots.

Does your brand, product or company fit this description perfectly? Then we would love to get to know you and would like to hear how you would like to work with us. Send us a message to discuss the options.

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We are open to all possible collaborations. So do you have a creative proposal? We are more than curious and are happy to think along for a customized collaboration.

“It was a pleasure working with Sebastiaan and Maartje! The blog they wrote for our business was accurate and informative and they also took lovely pictures of our property. Thank you!”
“Sebastiaan and Maartje were such a pleasure to have at our hotel and marina. They were able to provide such wonderful pictures of our property and their blog was so well written. I would recommend these two for any collaboration work you are considering. They are well worth it. Thanks again Orange Backpack.“
"We found collaborating with Sebastian and Maartje of The Orange Backpack to be a very positive experience.They are professional and produced the media material in excellent quality and in a timely way."

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