Trikala, the best Christmas village in Greece in 2023

In Trikala, you’ll find the most beautiful Christmas market in Greece. Every year, this small town in the heart of Greece transforms into a Christmas paradise filled with delights, lights, Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and attractions. Around The Mill of the Elves – or Μύλος των Ξωτικών in Greek – you’ll discover a splendid Christmas setting worthy of an amusement park. Read more about the exceptional Christmas market in Trikala, Greece, in this blog.

Trikala Christmas Market | Christmas VillageGreece

How to get to Trikala in Greece

Trikala is centrally located in northern Greece. It’s just a 2.5-hour drive from Thessaloniki and less than three hours from the capital, Athens.

One of Greece’s most famous attractions near Trikala is the monasteries of Meteora. You can reach Meteora from Trikala in just half an hour. If you’re visiting Greece in winter, we recommend combining the bucket-list destination of Meteora with the Trikala Christmas market.

The Mill of the Elves, special theme park

In Trikala, you’ll find the historic Matsopoulos Mill, and since 2011, The Mill of the Elves, or Μύλος των Ξωτικών, has been set up around this remarkable building annually. Each year, a new theme is chosen for decoration, construction, and figures, combined with the Christmas magic of thousands of lights and Christmas trees. It’s a magical Christmas world with attention to detail that you’d normally expect from a special theme park.

For example, in 2022, the Christmas market resembled a fairy tale forest with themed characters and unique decor from Alice in Wonderland. Everywhere you looked, there were mushrooms, mechanical castle towers, and even the tea table from this famous fairy tale. In 2023, the theme is “The Little Prince,” based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous French book “Le Petit Prince”. On the Mill of the Elves website the theme is described like this:

“Once upon a time on a small planet in a vast galaxy lived a little Prince among roses and volcanoes. As Christmas approached, the little Prince began to dream of a different world!

So he decided to travel to other planets and search for the truth. He visited 5 planets that each had only one inhabitant, the majestic King, The beautiful and musky Rose, the faithful Fananaftis and the elegant Astronomer. The last planet he visited was earth and he found himself at the Mill of Elves where he met Santa Claus and his countless helpers.

Get ready for a magical  journey in the vast galaxy, stand under the stars, look carefully around you and if a small child approaches you, don’t ignore it, it will surely be a little Prince.”

Trikala Christmas Market | Christmas VillageGreece

Things to do at the Trikala Christmas village

  • Visit the old Matsopoulos Mill and explore the industrial building from the inside.
  • Indulge in treats at the Christmas market, where endless stalls sell sweets and other delights.
  • Take a ride on the carousel.
  • Enjoy the Christmas fair and visit one of the many attractions.
  • Get lost in the maze.
  • Write a letter to Santa Claus at the post office.
  • Stroll through an antique steam train.
  • Skate a round on the ice rink.
  • Purchase Christmas souvenirs at the Christmas stalls.
  • Marvel at all the lights and decorations.

You can find a convenient map of the Christmas village on the official website, indicating all the activities and attractions.

Trikala Christmas Market | Christmas VillageGreece

Practical information about the Trikala Christmas village

The Christmas market is open this year from November 24, 2023, to January 7, 2024.

Admission to the park is free, but you will need to pay for the attractions themselves, as well as for the treats and souvenirs at the Christmas stalls. This way, the Trikala Christmas village is accessible to everyone, while also covering the expenses of this extensive Christmas park.

Parking is also free and can be found in the large area near the AB supermarket. Signage and traffic guides will direct you there.

The Christmas village is open both during the day and in the evening, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. We find the Christmas village most enchanting in the evening with all the Christmas decorations lit up, but it’s also busier at night.

For accommodations in Trikala, we recommend the stylish and modern Gallery Art Hotel, which has received excellent reviews from guests. If you prefer a luxury hotel, the Ananti City Resort offers a heated indoor pool and spa facilities. Additionally, during the Christmas market season, there are various apartments and accommodations available in Trikala. You can explore the available options for Trikala here.