Laguna Lodge at Lake Atitlan: a romantic honeymoon experience

Want to experience a mini honeymoon at Lago de Atitlan? With the most romantic sunset, best volcano and lake views and fantastic candlelight vega dinner? At Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve we could try out the honeymoon feeling.

Laguna Lodge, the perfect stay at Lake Atitlan

Of course, those who come to Lake Atitlan want to immerse themselves entirely in that beautiful lake view with the volcanoes around it. This can be experienced from the boat on the lake or from one of the nice cocktail bars by the water. But don’t you actually want to enjoy the sunset from your own private patio? And wake up in the morning with lake views? We searched for the perfect waterfront sleeping spot and fell in love with Laguna Lodge!

Laguna Lodge is located near the lake village of Santa Cruz, where it is built directly to the lake against the mountains. From the water it seems like a small village, with lots of bamboo and a leaves roof. Laguna is even so dedicated to the lake that you can only get there by boat.

Tip: when you stay, a transfer is offered back and forth from the village of Panajachel (but unfortunately not from other villages at Lake Atitlan). So let the reception know in advance when you will check in, so that the boat is ready for you when you arrive.

After exploring the lake and villages from the hippie village of San Marco’s for a few days, we close our Atitlan days at Laguna Lodge. We are allowed to sleep in the Suite Pato Poc with two queen beds. Dark wooden, handcarved furniture, local art and traditional fabrics give the ultimate luxury feel. But it’s mainly the private patio that lures us. We have fantastic lake views with volcano tops and mountain faces in the background!

Not only the suites have this view. You also have this view from the pool, restaurant and the two living rooms. And what makes this view perfect? Laguna Lodge has views of the west, so that means a romantic sunset evening after night. From the lounge sofa on our patio together we see the sun slowly setting. The perfect honeymoon feeling!

In the evening we slide into the restaurant with a woodfire and candlelight for dinner. La Laguna is an ecolodge and therefore serves only vega and vegan dishes. For me as a vegetarian, that means extra enjoyment.

The next morning, our alarm clock goes early. At half past six we can see how the lake wakes up from our patio on our lounge sofa under a warm duvet. The air colors pink, orange and yellow. A perfect start to the day. And perhaps also inspiration for a wedding and matching honeymoon?

Laguna Lodge

Eco-resort and nature reserve