The 3 best coffee shops in Amman

Jordan offers a lot of tea, so you’ll probably be very excited to hear you can have some excellent coffee in capital Amman. And no, we don’t mean the instant coffee you get in other places in the country. Really. Good. Coffee. Make sure to visit these coffee shops in Amman when visiting Jordan.

Beste coffee shops in Amman

#1 Rumi Cafe

Al-Shariaah College St. 14 | On a street corner in a hip area of Amman you’ll find this small and stylish café. There’s not much more to order than some really good coffee, which is a good sign to us. There are some nice places inside – where you’ll see many internationals with their laptops – and a lovely shaded terrace outside.

#2 Books @ Cafe

Omar Bin Al Khattab St | This place is the favourite of every bookworm. You won’t even see it from the street, but this is one of the best places in the city. Above a bookstore with mainly English titles, you find a relaxed café with roof terrace, (inside) air conditioning and international menu. Coffee, please!

#3 Wild Jordan Center

This head office of Wild Jordan is the place to book accommodation and excursions. But also get a souvenir, smoothie, healthy meal and coffee! The ecofriendly café can count on many international visitors. The prices are therefore somewhat higher than you might be accustomed to in Jordan. Find a place at the window for the best views.

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