15 tips for visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea, located on the Jordan-Israel border, is a distinctive natural phenomenon. Its extremely salty water gives it its name and prevents any form of life from existing. This high salt concentration also allows visitors to effortlessly float on the water’s surface, providing a truly unparalleled experience during their trip to Jordan or Israel. Having personally visited the Dead Sea in Jordan, we have compiled some valuable tips for your visit. Continue reading to learn more about the best tips and tricks for visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan, including a unique place to stay besides the resorts.

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Dode Zee Jordanië | The Orange Backpack

Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan: 15 practical tips

# 1 Do not shave shortly before and check if you have any wounds

The most crucial tip: ensure you are free from wounds and avoid shaving shortly before. The saline water will amplify even the tiniest scratch beyond your preference.

# 2 Use the mineral mud

Most hotel beaches on the Dead Sea provide complimentary buckets of mud from the salty lake. Apply the mud on your skin, allow it to absorb, and then wash it off in the Dead Sea. Experience the remarkable softness of your skin! Wondering how it works? The Dead Sea’s water level continues to decrease, leaving behind an abundance of minerals as the water evaporates. Consequently, the lake’s mud is rich in minerals that will bring joy to your skin.

# 3 Slowly sink into the water

Due to the high salt content, you can effortlessly float in the water, which is truly extraordinary! However, it necessitates a different approach to entering the water. Diving is not feasible, and each time you move, you must readjust your balance repeatedly. As a result, we suggest walking into the water and gradually lowering your back while maintaining your balance. And no, walking on water is not possible.

# 4 Don’t let your hair get wet

While water is mineral-rich, salt is detrimental to hair. To avoid a robe-like texture in your hair for the coming weeks, refrain from exposing it to water.

# 5 And the same for your eyes

Speaking of keeping body parts dry, have you considered the consequences of a mere saltwater droplet getting into your eyes?

Dode Zee Jordanië | The Orange Backpack
Dode Zee Jordanië | The Orange Backpack

# 6 Swimwear can discolor or lose stretch

Keep in mind that salt can affect your bikini or swimsuit, causing discoloration or loss of stretch. If you have old swimwear, this is the perfect time to use it. My black and white bikini wasn’t as white anymore after swimming in the Dead Sea.

# 7 Drink enough

To avoid excessive saltwater exposure, it is recommended to limit your time in the Dead Sea. It’s important to stay hydrated as the salt in the water can gradually dehydrate you. Therefore, ensure to drink plenty of fluids.

# 8 Shower with fresh water

The saltwater becomes uncomfortable when it dries on your skin, leaving your hands and fingers salty. Fortunately, there are freshwater showers available on the beaches. Use them to rinse off the saltwater after swimming.

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Dode Zee Jordanië | The Orange Backpack

# 9 Stay in a resort

The hotels on the Dead Sea are luxury resorts offering swimming pools, massages, and buffets. Although we typically avoid such accommodations when traveling, there are limited options at the Dead Sea. These resorts come with a high price but provide access to stunning pools, pleasant rooms, and a pristine sandy beach. We genuinely enjoyed the experience, making it a wonderful one-time occurrence.

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# 10 Book the budget-friendly Ramada Hotel or at Mujib Chalets

The luxurious Mövenpick is a top choice for your stay at the Dead Sea, but it might not fit your budget. We opted for two cheaper options: the delightful Ramada Resort Dead Sea and the breathtaking Wadi Mujib Chalets

# 11 Visit the Dead Sea during a day trip

For a more affordable choice, consider visiting the Dead Sea on a day trip. It is conveniently located near Madaba, the airport, and Amman. Day passes are available at most resorts, granting access to swimming pools and beach facilities. While there is a public beach, it lacks proper amenities and there are hardly any facilities like mud buckets or fresh water showers.

# 12 Don’t go too late (and not around sunset)

Would you like to experience the sunset at the Dead Sea after a relaxing afternoon at your resort’s swimming pool? We had the same idea and were anticipating a captivating sunset while floating in the Dead Sea. Regrettably, this is not possible as the Dead Sea is located on the border with Israel, requiring hotels to close their beaches before sunset. It is strictly prohibited for anyone to be on the beach or in the sea after darkness falls. Therefore, it is essential to visit the sea during daylight hours to avoid any disappointment.

# 13 Drive a little farther south for a magical sunset

The resorts are situated on the northern side of the Dead Sea. Moving south offers opportunities to observe the sunset. While staying at Mujib Chalets, we could enter the salty lake during sunset, provided we left before it got dark. It was a truly unique experience!

At this point, you can go down to the public beach to witness the sky gradually change to a yellow hue.

Wadi Mujib | Dode Zee | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack
Wadi Mujib | Dode Zee | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack

# 14 Drive the Dead Sea Highway

The Dead Sea area is truly stunning, with its expansive water and majestic mountains. For the best experience, we suggest driving along the Dead Sea Highway, which offers excellent views from the north to the south of the lake.

# 15 Combine the Dead Sea with a visit to Wadi Mujib

The visitor center for Wadi Mujib is located along the Dead Sea Highway. Wadi Mujib is the world’s lowest-lying nature reserve and boasts stunning canyons and natural beauty. The Wadi Mujib River concludes at the visitor center, where it meets the Dead Sea. This river flows through a picturesque canyon adorned with vibrant and captivating stones, offering an ideal destination for adventurous travelers. Here, you can explore the canyon’s waterfalls, cliffs, and rapids.

Tip: spend the night in the Wadi Mujib Chalets across the visitor center for a stunning sunset over the Dead Sea. This allows you to be the first at the Wadi Mujib visitor center in the morning, giving you exclusive access to the canyon trail before the crowds arrive.