Where to stay in Madaba

Where to stay in Madaba? This Jodan mosaic town offers the most hotels in its city center. Being a popular destination in Jordan, it provides a wide range of accommodations. However, finding truly pleasant places can be a bit of a challenge, as not all hotels in Jordan are appealing. This blog will help you a choice about where to stay in Madaba and highlight the best hotels in the old town.

How to get to Madaba in Jordan

Madaba, situated in western Jordan, offers a picturesque setting atop a rocky plateau that overlooks the mesmerizing Dead Sea, serving as the border with Israel. Positioned just 30 kilometers south of the capital city, Amman, Madaba presents a convenient location for travelers to explore the region.

With its proximity to Jordan’s major international airport, Queen Alia Airport, which is only a half-hour drive away, many visitors opt to bypass Amman and head straight to the charming city of Madaba. The city’s favorable geographical position allows for easy access to various other attractions in Jordan.

To fully experience the wonders of this captivating country, it is highly recommended to rent a car, as public transportation options are limited. By having your own means of transportation, you can embark on a 50-minute drive to the remarkable Dead Sea or reach the heart of Amman within the same duration. Just a short five-minute drive northward lies the ancient Roman city of Jerash, ready to transport you back in time. If you venture a little further, in approximately two hours, you will find yourself in the breathtaking Dana Biosphere Reserve, offering spectacular hiking opportunities. And within less than three hours of driving, you can reach the world-famous archaeological site of Petra.


Why Madaba is worth visiting

Madaba, Jordan’s most captivating and traveler-friendly town, offers a unique experience unlike any other in the country. Distinguished by its predominantly Christian population, Madaba showcases a remarkable array of churches, setting it apart from other Jordanian cities. However, the city’s true gem lies in its renowned mosaics, making a visit to Madaba an absolute must.

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One of the key attractions in Madaba is the stunning 19th-century St. George’s Church. Its architectural beauty stands in delightful contrast to the abundance of mosques found throughout Jordan. Yet, the primary reason for visiting St. George’s Church, also known as St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church, goes beyond its exterior. Within the church, you’ll discover Madaba’s most celebrated mosaic: a sixth-century map depicting the Holy Land, which happens to be the oldest map of the region.

Madaba boasts several other popular attractions, including the Madaba Archaeological Park, the Madaba Archaeological Museum, and the Church of the Martyrs, sometimes referred to as the Burnt Palace. These archaeological excavations feature an abundance of captivating mosaics. Access to all three sites is included in the Jordan Pass. Another site worth exploring is the Church of John the Baptist. It is associated with the location where John the Baptist was beheaded, but it also possesses architectural grandeur with a beautiful facade.

Beyond its cultural treasures, Madaba serves as an excellent base for day trips to various destinations. Consider visiting Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have caught his first glimpse of the promised land. Indulge in the extraordinary experience of floating effortlessly in the famous Dead Sea. Alternatively, you can explore the Ma’ in Hot Springs or venture north to discover Jerash, an impressive Roman city, the authentic town of Salt, and the desert castle of Aljoun.

Saint George's Greek Orthodox Church Madaba

Where to stay in Madaba

Madaba is a popular destination for travelers due to its proximity to the airport and charming atmosphere. The town boasts a variety of hotels, and we have curated a selection of the best options for your stay.

#1 Moab Country Hotel is a budget-friendly hotel that offers spacious rooms with a delightful view of Saint George’s Greek Orthodox Church. Its prime location, right across from Madaba’s main attraction, makes it an ideal choice. Enjoy a delicious breakfast served on the rooftop terrace while taking in the panoramic view of the city.

#2 Aitch Boutique Hotel is one of the city’s most beautiful hotels. Aitch Boutique Hotel features modern and stylishly furnished rooms. Guests can take advantage of the seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free parking spaces, garden, and terrace. The positive reviews highlight the excellent value for money, convenient location, and the hotel’s captivating garden with a swimming pool.

#3 Mount Nebo Hotel is highly rated and praised by enthusiastic guests. The family-run hotel ensures that guests feel right at home during their stay. Enjoy the central location, complimentary parking, terrace, restaurant, and a sumptuous breakfast buffet.

#4 Grand Hotel Madaba is an elegant hotel situated on the north side of the town center. The hotel boasts spacious, bright, and modern rooms. The highlight of this establishment is the lovely outdoor pool with sunbeds and a terrace.

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