30 hotspots in Maastricht

The bustling city of Maastricht is filled with coffee bars, vintage shops and lunch spots. The hip city has the hippest hotspots, the oldest grain mill of the country and the most beautiful hotels to offer its visitors. These are the 30 hotspots that should be on your wishlist during your trip to the most southern tip of the Netherlands!

Food and drinks

  • Café Zondag
    Voldersgracht 7
  • Marres Kitchen
    Capucijnenstraat 98
  • Kafethéa
    Mariastraat 6

Coffee bar Kafethéa serves vegan pancakes and cakes in a trendy interior. The name of the bar in flowers on the wall, a bar of books and a cozy seating area makes this a great place for a lunch stop.

  • Restaurant 55
    Heggenstraat 3A
  • Furniture & Cafe
    Sint Jacobstraat 4B

Furniture & Cafe has retro bikes on the wall and trendy furniture for sale, but good coffee as well. Make sure you stop by here, when you walk through the old city center.

  • Cinq
    Cörversplein 5
  • Sjiek Kookpunt
    Hoogbrugstraat 15
  • Koffie bij Joost en Maartje
    Maastrichter Heidenstraat 8

Joost makes the furniture, Maartje bakes the cakes and together they serve the best coffee in Maastricht. There are workplaces to sit down with a laptop, but for a lunch in the sun you should on the terrace in the back.

  • Café In de Karkol
    Stokstraat 5
  • Micky Brown’s
    Hoenderstraat 32-34
  • De Brandweer Kantine
    Capucijnenstraat 21
  • De Bisschopsmolen
    Stenenbrug 3

Spelt grain may be super popular nowadays, but even in the old days this super grain was already eaten. In Maastricht to be exact! The Bisschopsmolen is the oldest spelt mill in the country. The most delicious sandwiches and pastries are made from the grain and can be eaten as lunch or breakfast in in the eatery next door. Is it full? Then buy your vlaai (Limburg pie) and spelt bread in the bakery shop itself and picnic on the Maas.

  • Witloof
    Sint Bernardusstraat 12
  • Burgerlijk
    Rechtstraat 37


  • Traders Pop
    Heggenstraat 16
  • Retro & Chic
    Heggenstraat 1
  • Le Marais Deux en Koffie
    Maastrichter Heidenstraat 6

The ‘koffie’ (coffee) part of the name refers to Koffie bij Joost en Maartje that shares the same building as concept store Le Marais Deux. The store sells retro bikes, vintage clothing, furniture, art and so much more. Make sure you have some time to wander around.

  • Giensch
    Voorstraat 31
  • De VerwonderinG
    Hoogbrugstraat 21
  • Festen
    Minckelersstraat 1A
  • Boekhandel Dominicanen
    Dominicanerkerkstraat 1

An impressive collection of books in a 700-year-old church? This is your spot! Once a religious building, later bicycle parking and now a bookstore with a magical atmosphere. We understand why Dominicanen is called the most beautiful bookstore in the world!

  • Conflict
    Minckelersstraat 14
  • We-Ar Vintage & Design
    Achter Het Vleeshuis 33 & Rechtstraat 52


  • The Townhouse
    Sint Maartenslaan 5 | link

With a top location in the cozy Wyck – and thus strategically located between the station and the old center – this hotel is highly recommended. The beautiful interior is a mix of modern and vintage items. This is the perfect base to explore the city!

  • The Student Hotel
    Sphinxcour 9A | link
  • Kaboom Hotel
    Stationsplein 1 | link
  • Trash Deluxe
    Boschstraat 55 | link
  • Kruisherenhotel
    Kruisherengang 19-23 | link

Do you also want to absorb some of the historic atmosphere of Maastricht at your hotel? The Kruisherenhotel is located in an old monastery. The foyer can be found in the huge cloister hall, but you can also spot the old character of the building in some of the hotel rooms in the beams in the ceiling.

  • The Dutch
    Wilhelminasingel 60 | link
  • Zenden Design Hotel
    Sint Bernardusstraat 5 | link