Breakfast in Den Haag: 10 best spots in The Hague

Looking for the perfect place to have breakfast in The Hague? It’s almost hard to make a choice! The city of the Dutch government, world-class museums such as the Mauritshuis and Esschermuseum, endless shopping streets and the beach of Scheveningen is also packed with hip hotspots. The lovely breakfast spots of The Hague open their doors each morning to serve the best pancakes, smoothie bowls, scrambled eggs, toast and more goodies. To help you find the perfect spot for your breakfast and brunch cravings, we made a list of the best hotspots in The Hague for breakfast and brunch!

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10x brunch and breakfast in The Hague

#1 Bookstor

Location | Noordeinde 39

We love unique hotspots and Bookstor is definitely one of them. The doors open every day at 8.00 for breakfast lovers and book fans. As the name suggests, Bookstor is not only the perfect place for food or coffee, but it’s a bookshop as well. The building has a lovely vintage look and beautiful stained glass. The interior has the same retro vibe with Persian carpets, retro furniture and vintage lamps. There is a lovely terrace in front of Bookstor’s, but an even better garden at the back. The breakfast menu includes dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches, avocado toast, croissants and granola bowls.

#2 Plenty

Location | Piet Heinstraat 37

From 9.00 in the morning, you can visit Plenty in the Piet Heinstraat for your coffee and breakfast. This The Hague breakfast spot has a modern, bright and clean interior. The menu only features plant-based dishes, so this is a great vegan breakfast spot for animal lovers. The cuisine has a Middle Eastern twist, which is reflected in ingredients such as harissa and dishes on the menu like shaksuka. For those looking for an instagrammable breakfast option, the menu has pancakes, overnight oats and stick cinnamon rolls as well.

#3 Pistachio Cafe

Location | Prinsestraat 134

This nice little spot is all pistachio, just as the name suggests. The walls were already pistachio green before this became a breakfast cafe and they inspired the new owner for the rest of the interior and the name, so we were told. With pastel colors in many shades, Pistachio Café looks like an Instagram or Pinterest hotspot. And so does the menu. There are fresh juices with names like ‘Caribbean Sunrise’, endless kinds of sandwiches and waffles or sweet potato pancakes for those who like to start their day with a sweet breakfast.

#4 Pim

Location | Prins Hendrikstraat 113

Pim is short for Pim Coffee Sandwiches & Vintage, so coffee lovers know where they can start their day in The Hague. This breakfast spot in the Zeeheldenkwartier district opens its doors at 8.00 in the morning, serving the very best coffee with locally roasted beans from the Hague Roast Factory. The breakfast menu is great as well and includes dishes like cheese sandwiches, Dutch ‘wentelteefjes’ (sweet French toast) and avocado toast.

#5 Walter Benedict

Location | Denneweg 69A

Walter Benedict is one of the most popular restaurants in The Hague and probably features on every single hotspot list for The Hague. It is busy here all day and evening, as it is not just a breakfast spot but also a great place for lunch and dinner. You can start your day here from 9.00 am. The poached eggs are what Walter Benedict is known for and thus the top choice in the morning. Or actually the entire day, as Walter Benedict serves all day breakfast until 3.30 pm. Other breakfast favorites are the blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and avocado toast.

#6 Haver

Location | Reinkenstraat 103

With a location on the edge of the city center, Haver was my choice to combine with a visit to the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague (recently renamed the Kunstmuseum Den Haag), one of the best museums for modern art in the Netherlands. It is a picture-perfect hotspot where you can sit down with your laptop or have breakfast with your friends. But Haver is also one of the most kid-proof places in The Hague with a nice play corner for the little ones. You can have breakfast with dishes like spinach pancakes with salmon, Oriental shaksuka, Eggs Florentine or French toast with blueberry sauce. It’s not easy to choose between all the amazing options at Haver, so it would be a good choice to come back one or twice to enjoy everything on the breakfast menu.

#7 Secret Garden Bakery

Location | Kettingstraat 8

This may not be the best place for a breakfast date with your lover, because Secret Garden Bakery is one of the most girly breakfast spots you’ll find in The Hague. The interior is all soft pink and pastel, making this a popular spot to have breakfast or brunch for girl friends. Make sure to keep this spot in mind when the sun is out, as Secret Garden Bakery has a lovely and sunny terrace. With pastel pink chairs of course. You can start your day here from 9.30 am with pancakes, sandwiches, French toast, yogurt bowl or sandwiches.

#8 Haley’s Comet Breakfast Club

Location | Piet Heinstraat 133

As the name suggests, Haley’s Comet Breakfast Club is the place to be for breakfast. And not just in the morning, because you can order at Haley’s until late in the afternoon. The interior in the 80s style – bright colors and neon – makes this a very unique and quirky place in The Hague’s Zeeheldenkwartier. Also special: this coffee spot in The Hague is named after a comet that was last seen in 1986. To make sure you can enjoy the best morning coffee at Haley’s, a unique coffee blend was created with Roast Factory in The Hague. The menu is very simple with four types of pancakes, four types of breakfast bowls and four types of bagels.

#9 Hug The Tea

Location | Papestraat 13

Matcha lovers out there? This is the place to be in The Hague! When Hug The Tea opened its doors in the Hofkwartier, I visited this unique place at the press evening. I wasn’t a big fan of matcha before, but the ladies of Hug The Tea showed us that evening what you can actually do with this green tea powder. Everything at Hug The Tea is about matches. The ladies at Hug The Tea only use only top-quality matcha imported from Japan, so they only serve the very best matcha tea here. But not just tea, because matcha is used for everything, including the breakfast menu with matcha waffles and matcha pancakes. We can also highly recommend the matcha tasting if you’d like to try matcha bites and sweets with your matcha tea.

#10 Club Verse

Location | Stationsweg 136a

If you ask locals in the Hague where to have breakfast, Club Vers might be one of the most-heard answers. This hotspot near the Holland Spoor train station has a large terrace for sunny days and homely corners and a long wooden table inside. Club Verse has no pastel colors or other instagrammable elements, but has a warm and homely vibe. Club Vers serves smoothie bowls, banana bread, croissants and breakfast muffins daily from 09:00.

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