The best hotels and hostels in Moscow

The choice of hotels and hostels in Moscow is overwhelming. From design and boutique hotels to colourful backpacker hostels. Fortunately you don’t need to look in a specific area of Moscow for your hotel. As long as you have only one of the more than 200 metro stations – underground palaces you should definitely visit – around the corner, you are in the right place. This is our selection of the most beautiful hotels and hostels in Moscow!

  • Netizen Hostel | Booking
    From solo travelers to couples, from large dorm rooms to private rooms. The popular Netizen offers it all. With workplaces for digital nomads and an own café and bar, the facilities are also on point. But what makes me especially enthousiastic about this place is the great design. Netizen even has these amazing hanging chairs.
  • Jedi Hostel | Booking
    It doesn’t get any more colourful than this hostel. The murals of this design hostel are just beautiful. The graffiti art gives the hostel its cool urban feel. There are also double rooms for couples.
  • Moscow Style Guest House | Booking
    This sleeping place has perhaps the best location within walking distance of the Red Square. Moscow Style is somewhat in between a guesthouse and a hostel with mainly private rooms, but also dorms. You’ll find the design either old fashioned or amazing vintage. Look at the photos and decide for yourself.
  • Brick Design Hotel | Booking
    In this beautiful design hotel you’ll probably pay more than € 100 per night, but you’ll get a top location in return. The service is fantastic and the vintage hotel gives the hotel a boutique vibe. We totally understand why this hotel has such a high rating on
  • Sukharevsky Design Hotel | Booking
    In a slightly lower price range than the design hotel above, Sukharevsky offers vintage-style rooms. How about classic ornaments, draped curtains and kitschy wallpaper?
  • Villa Kadashi Boutique Hotel | Booking
    Pricey, but beautiful. Everything about the design is on point and the comfort gets this hotel its high rating on And it’s only a 15-minute walk from Red Square!
  • Boutique Hotel Baumanskiy | Booking
    Another great boutique hotel, but this time for a somewhat lower price than you may be used to from design hotels. I love the dark colours and stunning details of the design.
  • Hotel Baltschug Kempinski | Booking
    If you really want to go on a splurge, choose this option. This hotel not only has five stars, but also rooms with a view of the famous Basil’s Cathedral. This hotel is just across the river of the Red Square and therefore offers a beautiful river view.
  • Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel | Booking
    I am a big fan of palaces and castles. So you can probably guess where I would prefer to sleep in the country of the Romanovs. Moscow offers that option in this beautiful palace in a green park. Unfortunately a bit outside of the city center, but we’re okay with that for this time.