Tips for the London Southbank & Borough

The raw architecture, fantastic coffee spots and food markets make the south London a real must. Cross the Thames on your next city trip once and explore the Southbank, Borough and Southwark. We give you some tips to prepare your day in southern London!

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#1 Tate Modern | Website | This is the largest modern museum in London. With many changing exhibitions and big names like Monet, Picasso and Dali, this museum offers something for everyone. Not a fan of contemporary art like Sebastiaan? Then just go to this museum for the view from the top floor all over the city. Tip: Virtually all of London’s museums are free, including the Tate! In this blog you read our favorites and in this blog we are giving many more budget tips.

#2 The Shard | Website | One of the most prominent buildings on the London skyline is The Shard. In the middle of the city is the shining glass building on the Southbank. The view point is very popular because of the view, but we would rather recommend the free Tate Modern or Skygarden.

#3 Borough Market | Website | This food market is wonderfully centrally located on the South Bank across the London Bridge. This is Sebastian’s favourite. It’s buzzing with the people and the stands with good food. The atmosphere is cosy and by the location under the railway bridges also some raw and industrial. Tip: We wrote a blog with our favorite markets in London. From Vintage to food!

#4 Where the pancakes are | Website | In a Southwark you eat the best pancakes at this restaurant. Make sure you are early or ready to queue. Because the savory and sweet pancakes are super popular!

#5 Four Corners | Website | This espresso bar is one of Sebastian’s great favourites. I am not such a coffee drinker myself and was therefore very happy with the amazing chai latte on the card. If you want to score a free coffee, you need to bring a travel guide for on the bookshelf! More coffee? Sebastiaan collected the best coffee spots in London. Download our Free City map with the best espresso in town here!

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#6 Terry’s Cafe | Website | Looking for an old skool English breakfast in an old skool English decor? Then this is the place to be. This breakfast was one of the favourites of our Airbnb hosts. Since Terry’s has been named as a must-visit breakfast spot in London, you should often queue up for a table in the morning.

#7 leakstreet Arches and The Graffiti Tunnel | Website | These old railway bridges near the Westminster Bridge have been transformed into a hotspot for restaurants and bar. One of the tunnels is reserved for graffiti artists. Pay particular attention to the art on the ceiling, because there are mostly the most beautiful paintings.

#8 Mercato Metropolitano | Website | Sustainability is central to this hip place in an old industrial building. Or maybe the atmosphere and the unwise tasty food? Here the whole of London on the weekend together for a drink and the tasty food. The atmosphere is unpretentious and you will see few tourists.

#9 the Millennium Bridge | This bridge is one of the attractions for Harry Potter fans! In the sixth Harry Potter film – The Halfblood Prince – This bridge is attacked by a group of death-doers on behalf of Voldemort. The bridge starts to vibrate slowly and then collapses. Nice detail: When the bridge was just delivered, there was a lot of criticism because of the wobble of the bridge. The way the bridge collapses would be a nod from the director to this criticism. Want to see more Harry Potter locations in London? In this blog we give some tips to compose your own tour!

#10 Westminster Bridge | After the London Bridge, this is probably the most famous bridge in London. The bridge connects the Southbank with the busier Old town. Overlooking Big Ben, London Eye and the Parliament, the bridge is a popular place. Come as early as possible to be the tourist mass for. Or grab a free bike and skip the busy footpaths!

More highlights and tips for food and drinks on the Southbank? Check our map at the beginning of this blog!