Best coffee in Chiang Mai (+ free map)

Do you think that Asia isn’t the right place to find some good speciality coffee? Think again! Chiang Mai has the best coffee spots you can imagine. The historical highlights are all located the old city center, but you might want to explore more of the city to find the best coffee around Chiang Mai. We’ll help you out with this coffee guide for Chiang Mai!

Best coffee in Chiang Mai

#1 SS1254372 Cafe. The name isn’t easy to pronounce, so don’t try to ask directions to this hotpost. Just use our map to find this place, because this café is a must-visit. It looks like a kind of Hobbit hole with its round windows and lots of greenery. There are usually some art exhibits as well.

#2 Catmosphere Cat Café. You have to walk for a bit to get here, but you will get a lot of cat cuddles in return. This cat café attracts travellers and expats, but only few locals. The café is outside the old town, in northwest of Chiang Mai.

#3 RK Cafe by Omnia. This super-hip place would not look out of place in a western city. Go here especially for the coffee.

#4 Cottontree Coffee Roasters. Another a spot for the perfect speciality coffee? Cottontree, northwest of the old town.

#5 The Barisotel (by The Baristro or by Guu). Okay, another last tip. Or two actually, because in Chiang Mai you’ll find two of this hip coffee bar with its modern interior.

Tip: most of these coffee spots have free Wi-Fi and are therefore the perfect workplace for digital nomads as well.

We have put the best coffee spots for you on a map in this coffee guide for Chiang Mai. Use our free map to find your way around the city one coffee at a time!