My wish list for a third Thailand trip

I already travelled twice to Thailand, but I can’t get enough of this beautiful country. I would love to travel to Thailand a third time. I would travel around for at least a month to see everything. I already have a wish list!

#1 Exploring the country with my own tuktuk

Thailand is known for its tuktuks. Bangkok is filled with it! I would love to explore the country with my own tuktuk. We would first convert the tuktuk to meet our wishes. Storage space for our backpacks in the benches and hammocks for an afternoon nap would be awesome! With our tuktuk, we would drive around the country at a slow pace for weeks and see as much as possible!

#2 The northern mountains at Mae Hong Son and Pai

I visited Chiang Rai and also the mountains and jungle around Chiang Mai, but not yet the far northwest. I’ve been told this part of Thailand is an unique and interesting mix of Thais and Burmese. As if it was another country. The Mae Hong Son loop seems to be the coolest road trip in all of Thailand. Also a must is popular and picture perfect Pai!

#3 The ancient temple complexes of Sukhothai and Phanom Rung

Besides Ayutthaya near Bangkok you can find the most beautiful ancient temples in Sukhothai and Phanom Rung Historical Park. Near Sukhothai are also the temples of Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park. They were recommended to me as great off the beaten track option.

#4 Open-air museum Muang Boran (Ancient City)

The most beautiful and strangest temples all in one place? The Open-air museum Muang Boran seems to have it all. You don’t hear about it often, but it seems to be a bizarre amusement park. The museum would be full of replicas of the country’s best-known temples. So you can make a tour around the country here in a day! The open-air museum is close to Bangkok, so it makes a perfect day trip from the capital city.

#5 The Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

An attraction you do hear everyone about? The Airplane Graveyard near Bangkok! I’ve been to Bangkok twice, but have never visited this place. It may be a bit touristy, but I would love to visit this absurd and unearthly place. Check out the pictures online and you will probably want to make this day trip too.

#6 Khao Sok National Park

The south of Thailand is known for its beaches, but did you know that you also have this cool national park there? A little more inland you can make multi-day jungle hikes in this park, visit waterfalls and enjoy beautiful blue lakes with limestone rocks. I’ve seen online photos of boat trips around the limestone rocks looking so good this definitely has a spot on my wish list!

#7 The bounty beaches and sslands in the south

I’m not the type to lie on a beach for days, but the beautiful beaches and islands in the south of Thailand are so beautiful. During my first Thailand trip I only visited the beach in Hua Hin, not far south of Bangkok. But I skipped the far south of Thailand. Time to go to the beautiful south on a next trip! A Thai friend advised me Ko Lipe, which beach or island would you choose?