Unique Tortiga cabins at Park van Beervelde in Belgium

Are you on the hunt for an extraordinary lodging experience in Belgium? Nestled near Ghent, a splendid castle park beckons with its five brand-new Tortigas, introduced this summer. These distinctive hotel rooms, ensconced in nature, serve as an idyllic launchpad for excursions to Ghent and, more so, for enchanting strolls through the Park van Beervelde. Our two-night stay in these unique cabins was a journey into a storybook setting, and we swiftly fell under the spell of this enchanting destination.

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Park of Beervelde Tortiga | special overnight stay in Belgium

Enchanted Castle Park in Beervelde

A mere half-hour drive from Ghent, Beervelde Park unfolds as a storybook scene in the heart of Flanders. Upon arrival, the sight of a majestic edifice with dreamlike towers might lead you to believe it’s a grand castle, yet it’s “only” the coach house. The actual castle has vanished, replaced decades after its construction by a grand mansion, but the park’s original splendor remains untouched.

A visit to Beervelde Park is a must when in the Ghent vicinity, particularly this summer with the debut of Summer in the Park. For a modest entrance fee of €5, you’re rewarded with two drink vouchers of equal value, redeemable at the park’s inviting terraces. Choose the coach house at the entrance for a weekend dining treat or the sunset lounge bar, complete with comfy seating and a stage for weekend concerts. You’re in for the most breathtaking sunsets.

Tip: beyond summer, Park van Beervelde welcomes visitors year-round without an entrance fee, though amenities are seasonal. It’s wise to contact the park before your visit to arrange your visit.

Don’t overlook a stroll in the park, as it is the main attraction here. The picturesque park was established in 1873, designed to encompass various features of a perfect natural setting. From enchanting forests to grand structures, from meandering trails to charming bridges, from a vast lake to open meadows, Beervelde Park remains true to its original design, still under the ownership of the noble family.

Strolling through the park, you’re transported through varied landscapes, each artfully crafted by generations of gardeners. The lakeside pavilion, visible from the lounge bar, became a favorite haunt of ours, drawing us back time and again for its idyllic tranquility.

Tip: Enhance your visit with a pre-booked picnic basket or a luxurious barbecue package, perfect for enjoying the park’s natural beauty.

Park of Beervelde Tortiga | special overnight stay in Belgium

Tortiga Nature Cabins

This year, for the inaugural Summer in the Park, five extraordinary nature cabins, a novel offering by the newly established Tortiga, have been nestled within the castle park. Each modular cabin, while sharing a common design, boasts a unique charm and a picturesque setting.

Our home was Tortiga 5, or the Mirror Island Tortiga. Lined with reflective surfaces, it seamlessly blends with the surroundings, mirroring the nearby creek that meanders to the lake, complete with a romantic bridge near our dwelling. The private outdoor area, equipped with a bench, table, chairs, and parasol, was our favorite place during the glorious summer weather we were fortunate to have.

Inside, the Tortiga offers the modern comforts of a boutique hotel room amid nature’s embrace. Designer furnishings, soft pink walls, a lavish bed adorned with premium linens, and an ensuite bathroom with a rain shower elevate the experience. A coffee maker adds a touch of convenience, mirroring a hotel’s amenities, albeit without a kitchen or fridge.

Waking up to the tranquil sounds of nature, momentarily interrupted by a distant train, is a sublime way to start the day. The morning is further perfected by a delightful breakfast basket delivered to our Tortiga, filled with an selection of bread, juices, homemade yogurt, fresh strawberries, and a selection of cheeses and cold cuts, enjoyed indoors against the backdrop of a crisp July morning.

Park of Beervelde Tortiga | special overnight stay in Belgium

Make a Day Trip to Ghent

A multi-night stay at Park van Beervelde is the perfect excuse to venture out. Ghent, with its historic charm, is a mere 30-minute drive away. Unlike the more tourist-heavy cities of Brussels or Bruges, Ghent offers a quaint yet vibrant exploration of history interwoven with modernity.

Stroll through the historic center’s streets, marvel at the monumental churches, and wander the cozy alleys. Ghent also boasts a vibrant street art scene, with a free map from the tourist office guiding you to impressive murals throughout the city.

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Ghent in Belgium

Yet, we wouldn’t blame you if the allure of Park van Beervelde tempts you to stay within its bounds. Hours can be spent wandering this fairy-tale environment, relaxing in your Tortiga, or unwinding at the sunset bar. Beervelde Park, with its hotel-style Tortigas and lush surroundings, offers a unique retreat, blending the magic of a fairy-tale setting with the comforts of modern luxury accommodations.

Beervelde Park

Tortiga nature cabins in fairytale castle park

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