Where to stay in Jardín

Where to stay in Jardín to discover this atmospheric coffee town in Colombia? The town is a bit too far from Medellín to visit as a day trip and that’s a good thing. By staying in Jardín for two or preferably more days, you have plenty of time to enjoy the colorful streets of the colonial village and visit the lush green hills with coffee plantations. But where to stay in Jardín? What are the best hostels and hotels in Jardín? In this blog we help you make a choice and we give you practical tips for your stay in this little coffee town.

How to get to Jardín in Colombia?

Jardín is located centrally in the country in a region known for its green hills and coffee plantations. The colonial town is located in the department of Antioquia in northwestern Colombia. The most well-known tourist destination in this department is Medellín.

Many travelers visit Jardin from Medellín. Several buses depart daily from this well-known destination to the coffee town further south. The bus ride takes about 3.5-4 hours. Jardín is therefore too far from Medellín to visit as a day trip and it makes sense to spend at least one, but preferably two or three nights here.

The first tourist destination south of Jardín is the equally charming coffee town Salento, which has the same colonial atmosphere and coffee plantations, but is also known for the famous palm tree valley Valle de Cocora. Although Jardín and Salento are only about 5 hours driving from each other, the bus connection between them is not great. You have to transfer and the bus ride in small vans is very uncomfortable. The drive takes about 9 to 11 hours, so plan a full day for it. For that reason, Jardín is both planned in Colombia travel itineraries between destinations Salento and Medellín, and back and forth from Medellín.

Jardin Colombia

Why Jardin is worth a visit

Jardín is worth a visit because of its lovely streets with colorful buildings in colonial style, beautiful location between green hills and interesting coffee plantations. The town does not have any big tourist attractions, but it has a charming atmosphere and is very photogenic.

Colombia is known for its colonial villages and Jardín is known as one of the most beautiful of them. Like its counterparts Salento or Guatapé, the town is very colorful and the buildings have a beautiful colonial style. Jardín is therefore a very picturesque place to visit. Wander through the colorful streets, visit the main square, admire the beautiful architecture and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Jardín is also known for its lush green environment. The name of the town translates to ‘garden’ for a reason. Hiking in the area is therefore part of the best things to do in Jardín. There are several beautiful hiking trails, of which the most famous two are the trails La Garrucha to a beautiful waterfall (4 km) and the route to the Cascada La Escalera and Cafe Jardín (7.5 km). Other highlights include a ride on the authentic cable car that consists of little more than a wooden box hanging on steel cables, beautiful viewpoints, tours of coffee plantations and coffee tasting at the many coffee spots.

Hotel Valdivia Plaza Jardin

Where to stay in Jardin

The best places to stay in Jardín can be found both in the heart of the colonial town and in the green hills nearby. The range of hotels in Jardín varies from atmospheric boutique hotels to basic hotels in authentic colonial-style buildings and from ecolodges to super hip accommodations.

The most beautiful hotels in Jardín:

#1 Casa Passiflora Hotel Boutique for a cozy boutique hotel with a central location. The hotel offers a garden, a restaurant, a bar and a sun terrace. With very high ratings and positive reviews, this is one of the most popular hotels in Jardín.

#2 Hotel Plantacion for a stylish and hip adults-only eco-hotel with a restaurant, a garden and a terrace. The hotel gets very high review ratings because of its sustainable character, the good location, the excellent breakfast, the attractive interior and the homely feeling.

#3 Gulupa Ecolodge for a sustainable accommodation with rave reviews. The hotel offers a garden, a terrace, a bar, an extensive breakfast, a kind of zip line and a hot tub. The ecolodge is located on a hill just outside the village, to the north of it, giving you a beautiful view of the village and the green surroundings. There are large nets used as hammocks to relax after a tough hike.

#4 Hotel Casa Grande for a budget-friendly hotel with a central location around the corner from the main square and the bus station. The hotel is located in a colonial building with a courtyard, around which the hotel rooms are located. The positive reviews praise the value for money, the location and the friendliness of the staff.

#5 Hotel y Restaurante Lago La Valdivia for a colorful hotel in an authentic building just outside Jardín. The enthusiastic reviews praise the beautiful location between the green hills, the outdoor swimming pool and the beautiful building with colonial architecture.

#6 Hotel Valdivia Plaza for an authentic and budget-friendly hotel in the heart of Jardin. The central location on the main square makes this a perfect base from which to explore the village. The positive reviews mention the location, the staff and the value for money.

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