Mucha Arte Hostal: Guatemala home away from home in Xela

In Quetzaltenango – or in short Xela for friends – we felt completely at home in Guatemala’s best hotel. The rooms are very spacious, the hotel is stylishly decorated and the owners are the best hosts. A visit to Xela is a must-do solely because of Mucha Arte Hostal.

In an old school, owners Patricia and Juan Carlos have set up a home away from home. The atmosphere is intimate and cosy by the many works of art on the walls (what’s in a name), the use of wood and natural colours and all the greenery of the plants. There is a communal kitchen, two patios, a dining room and spacious sitting room. Also in the bright, spacious corridors are lovely seats to relax with a book.

The hotel has only five rooms, including two triple rooms. One of the triple rooms has a private bathroom. The other rooms share a large, clean and comfortable bathroom with lovely hot showers. We hardly noticed that we shared the bathrooms with others. Because there were no less than six showers and six toilets for the four rooms without private bathrooms.

All rooms are very spacious. Other hostels might use this amount of space for a dorm, though our room only had a comfortable double bed, a desk and a closet. Wood and light colours have been used on the walls and ceiling. The furniture is stylish and the art finishes everything.

But this all isn’t what makes Mucha Arte a home, it’s actually due to the great owners. They are the sweetest hosts you will meet. Patricia will help you arrange all excursions or shuttles and sends you to the best restaurants in town. The location of Mucha Arte Hostal is top notch, as all those nice hotspots are within walking distance. Juan Carlos even took us with his dog Juan to the local cemetery, a highlight of Xela. A great walk and we learned about the history of Xela and local traditions.

It might all sound like an expensive boutique hotel, but the price will amaze you. Converted to euros it will set you back somewhere between 15 and 20 euros per room. That’s indeed so cheap that Mucha Arte is a popular base for travelers who stay longer in Xela to study Spanish or volunteer.

So if you are traveling through Guatemala near Quetzaltenango, book a room with Patricia and Juan Carlos. We promise you an amazing home away from home!