Earth Lodge at Antigua: volcano views and morning yoga

One of the best places to stay in Guatemala is Earth Lodge at Antigua. This eco-friendly hostel is located just outside Antigua city, but at 1,800 meters altitude offering the best views of the Antigua volcanos. This amazing place to stay in Antigua has not just the most amazing views, but also great vegetarian meals, morning yoga and bucket list tree houses and lodges.

Staying at Earth Lodge in Antigua

The eco friendly Earth Lodge is an oasis of tranquility near bustling Antigua. Here you’ll find silence, with an exception for the sounds of playing dogs and the eruption of the Fuego volcano. You’ll sleep in absolutely lovely cabins you might have dreamed of as a child. Impressive tree houses, A-shape mountain huts or even semi-luxury tents.

We were allowed to stay at this unique location at the beginning of our trip through Guatemala for two nights. Our shelter? Casa Agua, a mountain hut in A-shape. With a bathroom, small terrace and hammock with volcano view! Because Antigua’s three famous volcanoes – the Agua, active Fuego and Acatenango – can be seen everywhere from the Earth Lodge. From the cabins, as well as from the large terrace, restaurant and yoga studio. Yoga? Yes, Earth Lodge has recently also offered ultimate relaxation twice a day. How about morning yoga overlooking Antigua, mountains and volcanoes?

And all this between the avocados, because all the huts and buildings of Earth Lodge are built on the mountainside of a working avocado farm. Instant graving for toast with avocado? The restaurant has so many tasty dishes that many travelers from Antigua also come to Earth Lodge for breakfast or lunch only. If you sleep here, you can also join the family style buffet dinner every night. Please reserve in advance in you want to join the dinner and whether you’re going for the vega meal or still like to have meat with your dinner.

Vega food is the standard. It is one of the reasons why Earth Lodge calls itself sustainable and eco friendly. Almost all huts are made of recycled materials. Also the ingredients for the kitchen are local, drinking water doesn’t come from bottles but a private filter and plastic is avoided as much as possible. In order to support the village of El Hato closeby on the mountain, the owners donate part of their profits to the local school. Want to help? Ask if the school still needs school supplies or donate money. We brought a large pile of pencils, pencil sharpeners, gummen, markers and more from the Netherlands for the school.

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Are you convinced? Then some practical tips. The first is to book on time. Because Earth Lodge is a popular place and there are also often private events. It’s also good to know that you can come by car to Earth Lodge, but still you have to walk down the mountain with luggage for about 10 minutes. And so when you leave, you have to go up again. Maybe this is not recommended if you’re having walking difficulties.

And how do you get on that mountain? You can come to here with your own (rental) car (there is a parking lot at the top of the mountain). Earth Lodge also offers a shuttle service ourselves, but we found it a bit pricey compared to an Uber that cost only 30 to 40 Quetzal. Even early in the morning, we were able to arrange an Uber from Antigua to pick us up. Here you can sign up for Uber.

Our time at Earth Lodge was the perfect way to start our trip. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Oh, and we immediately fell in love with Antigua’s volcanoes and decided to climb two the next days.

Earth Lodge

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