Maartje's enthusiasm and curiosity knows no bounds. She loves museums, nature, food, walking, architecture, history, animals. Writing and photography is a big passion and she has been writing about cooking, minimalism, food, hotspots and travel for many years. Above all, she has a special place in her heart for castles, royal jewels and ancient Egypt. Maartje gave up her job as a lawyer to bring more balance to her life: less work and more life. Besides to The Orange Backpack, she works as a legal entrepreneur.

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Laos is one of the lesser-visited countries in Southeast Asia. It seems to disappear alongside everyone’s enthusiasm about the temples of Cambodia, bounty islands of Thailand and rice fields of Vietnam. While Laos has no major highlights to attract hordes of tourists. But don’t be mistaken: it

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Few places are as breathtakingly beautiful as Paris! The city of love is full of beautiful architecture. From Gothic churches and classical monuments to lavish Art Nouveau. Add to that some architectural landmarks and hidden gems. Almost every street corner is equally pretty! The most beautiful, instagrammable

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