Cabins, forest and birds on De Wije Werelt

We love unique sleeping places and at De Wije Werelt on the Veluwe you are in for a treat. You will find the most of the unique cabins on a piece of heath at the back of this park. We were allowed to stay a midweek on this beautiful part of the Veluwe with its forests, heather sand drifts and cabins.

Cabin De Wije Werelt | hiker's cabin Veluwe | Staycation | The Orange Backpack
Cabin De Wije Werelt | hiker's cabin Veluwe | Staycation | The Orange Backpack

The cabins of De Wije Werelt vary in size and luxury: from tiny pods to wooden houses with moss roof, and there is only one of almost every house. They are a kind of hiker’s huts, which give them the romantic name stray huts at De Wije Werelt. Our cabin is a bit in the middle in terms of luxury and size: it is not very large, but it has sleeping space for four people.

We can stay in a cabin with roof tiles to the ground, a tree through the roof and plants on the flat roof of the bathroom. Everything is made of wood, which fits perfectly with the forests of the Veluwe. Our cabin is called the Van Gogh Cabin, a theme that you can see in some small details in the cabin. Yet for us it is not those details, but the beautiful design that have the wow factor.

The cabin is quite high and inside a loevly sleeping loft is hidden. There is another box bed, because this cabin is suitable for four people. But of course we prefer to sleep high in the top of our cabin! The bathroom is spacious and the kitchen is fully equipped, but otherwise the cabin is not large. Where moern tiny houses focus on large windows for light and a smart layout, this cabin is especially focused on being cozy. Some daylight peeps in through small windows and a two-meter high cupboard divides the space into a hall and small sitting area.

Such a special stray hut is of course fantastic, but the environment also lures here. From the hiker’s cabin it only takes two minutes to walk to the forest and in five minutes you are on a sand drift. Endless forest walks are a must-do here. If you really want to go out, then Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, National Park De Hoge Veluwe with the famous Kröller-Müller and a day in Arnhem are recommended.

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The wooden nature houses of De Wije Werelt are the perfect place to fully integrate into the Veluwe landscape. In any case, plan on diving into nature every day, because you’re in the right place for the most beautiful walks here.

Cabin at De Wije Werelt

Unique wooden hiker huts in the forest

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